The lives of nearly 22,500 people in Stockport could be improved with the launch of Muse wireless hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Technologies – whose European HQ is based in Hazel Grove.

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues in the Borough, but it is also one of the most treatable. Combining the most innovative technology and sensitive aesthetics, the Stockport-based manufacturer has designed Muse to bring discreet, comfortable, cutting-edge performance and connectivity to this staggering number who, according to reports, would benefit from wearing one.

The figure comes from Action On Hearing Loss charity (formerly RNID) and accounts for around one in 10 adults. Yet hearing aids are, in fact, only worn by one in 30 – that’s around 7500 people in Stockport.

This means an astounding 15,000 should – but don’t – wear a hearing aid. As a result, those with hearing loss are more likely to experience cognitive decline, depression, diabetes, heart health problems and isolation.

With the national launch of Muse, Starkey Hearing Technologies hopes to encourage those in the Borough with hearing loss to look after their hearing health with the technologically advanced range that provides feedback-free, comfortable listening all-day long. 

The five-strong product family has been developed to suit first time wearers – especially the 40% of over 50 years-old who have some kind of hearing loss – with technology that is customised to fit the wearer’s unique hearing needs. This means they get to enjoy an enhanced listening experience even in challenging listening environments. 

What’s more, these sophisticated hearing solutions are designed to help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. Wireless streaming capabilities mean Muse wearers can listen to music, television and even phone calls simply by pairing them with Starkey’s SurfLink Mobile accessories – for maximum connectivity and integration.

Starkey’s Neil Pottinger said: “Muse brings a completely new technology to the marketplace – and we hope to the people of Stockport. We’re very much looking forward to providing hearing aid solutions to those who have previously rejected them on how they look, sound and feel – sadly with an often detrimental impact on social interaction, relationships and general health and wellbeing.

“By providing such an innovative, discreet and comfortable solution, we hope that our Muse range will strike a chord with the 15,000 people in Stockport who no doubt recognise that they need a little help with their hearing but have been put off by what they’ve seen and heard before.

“We believe that Muse is particularly relevant to the 40% of over 50s suffering from hearing loss and hope that they consider it in a similar way to the many existing technology and fitness products they use. All are ways in which we can stay younger and more connected.”

Muse products are available through your local Starkey Hearing Professional


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