As the discussions around the EU referendum become increasingly audible, Marketing Stockport gold members attended an informative, impartial presentation from leading UK economist and chair of pro-Manchester, Dr John Ashcroft .

Discussions unfolded, providing a further insight into the potential impact of the EU Referendum in June.  Dividing the discussion into four key areas, (Business, Economic, Political, Social) assisted in clarifying the case for both in and out, particularly as it highlighted the issues with less of the political spin portrayed in today’s media.

Michelle Holden, Financial Director at Starkey Hearing Technologies, believed that uncertainty around a Brexit vote would be of great concern to Starkey:  

“The Brexit campaign is particularly relevant for Starkey Hearing Technologies at this time.

“Following substantial investment into the Hazel Grove facility over the last couple of years, we are proud to have developed into the manufacturing and support centre for our facilities within Europe.  With further investment plans in late 2016 to become the inventory/distribution centre for Europe, this investment could be influenced by the outcome of the referendum.

“At present we trade smoothly, hassle free and tariff free with our European partners.

“The presentation today reaffirmed the uncertainty which would follow if the UK were to leave the EU.

“Can a business strategically plan and make informed decisions with such uncertainty?  Uncertainty regarding potential trade agreements and the timescales these could possibly take? Uncertainty regarding potential additional costs/ tariffs / restrictions?

“With uncertainty being the key theme from today, you can be certain that Starkey will be keeping a keen eye on the build-up over the coming weeks.”

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