Hatters gets under the skin of The Internet of Things

We love the fact that our friends over at Hatters Towers are tightening their seat belts for the next exciting rollercoaster ride aboard the digital era on the Internet of Things – IoT.

Jo and Mike at Hatters spill the IoT beans: 

If you’ve been on the internet anytime recently (I’m assuming you have) you may have heard about “The Internet Of Things” and how it just might be the most exciting thing happening in the world of technology. If not, strap in… we’re about to enter the future, baby. 

The Google definition of the IoT is: the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Basically, everything becoming part of the internet: mobile devices, a fitness band, a smartwatch, smart clothing and even objects like your fridge and car. 

The Internet of Things

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you are imagining about it right now… times that by 10 and you’ve still not come close to the potential of the IoT. I’ve read up on it quite a bit and I still get shocked when I find out a new advancement in the technology. 

Do you ever hear people say, “What was life like before mobile phones/internet? How did we manage?” It’s going to be exactly like that. 

For instance, it will be useful in preventing all kinds of mishaps, disasters and maybe even deaths. It has the power prevent car crashes, tell your doctor you’re having a heart attack…etc Anything you’re thinking of it most likely has the potential to do. Yes, even save lives! 

Maybe eventually your stationery cupboard will be able to tell us that you are out of your branded pens or jelly beans, and re-order, in the way that your fridge will tell Tesco what’s needed on your weekly shop?  Who knows?  

We’re excited about the opportunities – what’s your opinion on The Internet Of Things? Tweet us @HattersNW  

Thanks to Jo Shippen from Hatters Promotional Merchandise for sharing her Expert Opinion on the Internet of Things

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