Employees from insurance software company, CDL Stockport, have clocked in over 211 million steps, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe three times, thanks to a partnership with health and fitness provider, Life Leisure.

The partnership, which proved so popular that it has now been extended, saw the launch of a wellness programme at CDL Stockport on their campus at Kings Reach Business Park in Stockport.

The programme offers people at CDL the opportunity to enjoy a range of health benefits at work. These included a selection of fitness classes such as Yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and a weekly bootcamp session.

CDL employees were also offered the chance to sign up to Life Leisure’s ActiLIFE personalised coaching programme, which combines wearable technology, an online interactive programme and remote coaching to help people to become more active, track their progress and enjoy some fun physical challenges.

Throughout the 12-week trial, CDL employees recorded over 211 million ActiLIFE steps using the ActiLIFE ‘pebble’ accelerometer, and completed over 10,685 miles.

The programme has also had a rejuvenating effect: results from Boditrax scans, a medically graded scanner that provides a range of health and body composition indicators such as basal metabolic rate and visceral fat, indicated huge improvements in the metabolic age of a number of employees, with some achieving a reduction of 11 years.

Melissa Johnson, Group Director at CDL, commented: “We are committed to making CDL a great place to work for all of our staff, so I am delighted that the wellbeing initiative with Life Leisure has proved to be so popular. Many of our staff have seen some fantastic results from the programme, and it’s wonderful that it has helped to encourage positive lifestyle changes. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Life Leisure moving forward and seeing even more of our staff benefit from this initiative.”

Michelle Childs, Senior Physical Activity Development Officer at Life Leisure, added: “We are thrilled to be working with CDL and with the positive feedback the wellness programme has received from employees taking part.

“When people can see the difference that even small changes can make to their own health and wellbeing it is hugely motivating – it’s why we designed the ActiLIFE programme to be so interactive. The brilliant thing about workplace initiatives like this is that there is also a great team spirit, with everyone encouraging each other.”

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