Hallidays growth has resulted in a surge in recruitment alongside their current team choosing to stay with the Stockport based business. 

Growth in a company usually results in bringing in new team members, but at Hallidays it seems that this is the only time they need to recruit as natural turnover of staff is almost non-existent.

So why do the Hallidays team stay? Is it because they love to work with a growing and innovative firm and what can other companies learn from their approach? 

Jane Bennett, marketing manger at Hallidays offers her view:  

“Hallidays growth can in part be attributed to the firm giving up time sheets over 10 year ago. This innovative move shocked their industry and certainly sent a message out to their team. It’s still not the norm but Hallidays managing director Nigel Bennett would like this to be common place within the industry, allowing the team’s focus to be on delivering value.

“It’s important that Hallidays values of ‘support and growth’ run through and is reflected in everything we do for both team members and clients. In 2014 we re-branded Hallidays after research highlighted Hallidays as an innovative forward thinking firm, but this wasn’t reflected in our previous branding.

“We have introduced team coaching and a personal development plan for each team member. More recently our clients have also been benefiting from our coaching sessions.  

“Nigel meets with each new team member on their first day to ensure that our culture is clearly understood. The team happiness, which is measured monthly, is paramount to driving the business forward as this ultimately ensures that their clients are happy.

An inspiring working environment is a valuable asset in any business and fosters progression. Hallidays IT service ensures they are always ahead technologically – Cloud working is the norm!  Their HR service, with 100% happiness score, ensures that their ‘Support and Growth’ values are nurtured and incorporated within everything that they do. Hallidays offer Flexi hours, lieu days, monthly and annual merit awards but their team member’s feedback is what’s most important!

Rob Mowat, Hallidays Manager said: “As soon as I started here I felt that Hallidays is the right place for me.  I have constantly been offered opportunities to develop myself through training days, internal coaching, and access to new and exciting types of work.

“Since joining Hallidays I have become a parent for the first time. Throughout my wife’s pregnancy, and since the birth of our daughter, it has been great to have on offer flexible working hours and the ability for me to work from home. I am always delighted to recommend Hallidays as a fantastic place to work.”

Jane continued: “Hallidays team focus on value and client care and not on internal costs. Our purpose-built premises in Stockport has resulted in an improved work/life balance for everyone. As a training firm Hallidays are recognised as one of the best with last year’s exam pass rate at 90% – attributed to the responsibility and support that is given to the team as part of helping them to grow and develop.”

Hallidays are recruiting now – find out more about working with Hallidays. 

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