Stockport College is supporting a local company’s unique school event, aimed at teaching primary school children about apprenticeships.  

Organised by Stockport based Great Grounds, the day will include a range of trades, the equipment that trades people use, and how it all links back to what the children are learning in school.

Timed to support National School Grounds week, this event helps schools to comply with new legislation from the Department for Education that requires them to teach children about apprenticeships and the world of work through apprenticeships and other vocational opportunities.

The event will also support a scheme that the Government launched this January (in partnership with the charity Primary Futures), which aims to improve the information on apprenticeships that is available in schools. This is to help children to see the link between their lessons and their futures. A further benefit is that it also reduces gender specific stereotyping.

Stockport College will have three apprentices at the event, demonstrating woodworking skills, building bird boxes and a beehive. Great Grounds’ own apprentice ambassador, who is trained to teach young people about what it is like to do an apprenticeship, will also join them on the day.

The event will be split into zones, each with a theme and linked to a specific trade and a range of curriculum subjects. There will be equipment on show covering grounds maintenance, construction work, tree surgery, and even a wildlife area.

Great Grounds Director Tony Millar, who is also the Vice President of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in Stockport, has a keen interest in supporting primary school children to understand the work environment and how it fits with their studies.

Tony commented, “We are delighted that Sacred Heart Primary agreed to let us hold the event there. The school grounds are fantastic with some great features and we could not wish for a better setting to hold the event.”

Tony went on to say, “It will create a fantastic opportunity for both teachers and children to learn more about vocational skills and in particular start to give young people information about some of the apprenticeships that are available.”


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