Has your business put a disaster recovery plan in place? Are you fully prepared for an emergency? Have you considered the ‘What if’ factor?

This week we have witnessed yet another truly horrendous situation at Grenfell Tower in London. Lives changed in a flash, forever. No-one could have prepared for such utter devastation and our hearts go out to all those affected.

But in business, at least in some circumstances, we do have the opportunity to consider the ‘what if’ factor and prepare for damage limitation.

The team at Marketing Stockport remain politically neutral in business but it is interesting to note that, despite the forecast and subsequent election result, it appears that as far back as 2015, the Conservatives had been planning for that ‘What If’ moment and were already in talks with the DUP.

Away from the political arena, unfortunately we are not always in control of our own destiny; external influences often cannot be controlled. Just a few weeks ago the NHS was in meltdown following a Cyber / Ransomware attack. A Disaster Recovery Plan and Emergency planning is a must for all businesses, irrespective of size, location and sector. Have you got your plan in place?

What if there was a pro-longed power outage? How critical would that be for your business? Have you considered what steps can be taken now to lessen the impact on your business?

For small-to-medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – the business continuity planning process contains several steps.

These include: project initiation, risk assessment, business impact assessment, strategy development, business continuity plan development, business continuity plan testing and maintenance, emergency communications, awareness and training, and coordination with public authorities. This is comparable to the business continuity process found in larger organisations except for the fact that for SMEs, the business continuity planning process can be simplified, depending on the size and complexity of the organisation.

The world has become an increasingly volatile place and ‘things’ can change in the blink of an eye. The connected world means news travels faster, markets react quicker and trading can be effected almost immediately.

Don’t be caught out – ensure you have a plan for that ‘what if’ moment.

Author: Helen White

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